MERLIN XT Transformer Rectifier Monitors (Satellite)

MERLIN XT is a compact, durable field unit that monitors the operation of a rectifier or solar station. It is designed for remote areas where 3G/2G coverage is inadequate but can be integrated with 3G/2G-based MERLIN units for a total network monitoring solution. MERLIN XT Transformer Rectifier Monitors are mounted externally to the rectifier or solar station. These model’s use satellite communications and have an internal antenna; therefore they require a view of the open sky.
Key Features
  • Alarms and periodic reports sent to a central PC using satellite communications
  • Fully independent monitoring channels (allow high-side or low-side shunt and accurate ON potential measurement)
  • Automatic installation, test and set up (without laptop or cell/mobile phone)
  • PC or Internet interface with graphical/tabular displays and data export
  • Easy to install
  • Remote configuration
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