Gas Leak Detection

400 Flame Pack

The Southern Cross Model 400 Flame Pack is a hydrocarbon gas detector, which employs hydrogen flame ionization as the detection method. The Model 400 is designed to be hand carried as a single unit. It eliminates shoulder straps, harnesses, interconnecting tubes, cords and the like. It is lightweight and small in size. Its moving parts and controls are kept to a minimum, which reduces downtime for repair. 
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'46 Hawk

The Southern Cross ’46 Hawk is a natural gas detector that uses an internal, low-intensity laser to measure methane through an absorption spectroscopy detection technique. The ’46 Hawk’s laser technology eliminates the need for combustible fuels and makes the ’46 Hawk suitable as both a gas leak survey tool and a combustible gas indicator (CGI). The ’46 Hawk is like two devices in one.
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Laser Methane mini (LMm) 

The Laser Methane mini (SA3C32A) and Laser Methane mini-G (SA3C50A) are laser-type detectors, capable of safely and quickly detecting gas leaks from a distance. The Laser Methane mini-G guarantees best visibility through green laser and capable to communicate with mobile devices! By linking to an Android device, you can view your recordings as a graph, the measurement history and measured locations on a map.
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