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Since 1990 RJM Precision Instruments, LLC has sold detection and monitoring systems to gas and oil pipeline companies. Our customers, whether public water & power or private contractors and companies all receive the same great service.

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400 Flame Pack

The Southern Cross Model 400 Flame Pack is a hydrocarbon gas detector, which employs hydrogen flame ionization as the detection method. The Model 400 is designed to be hand carried as a single unit. It eliminates shoulder straps, harnesses, interconnecting tubes, cords and the like. It is lightweight and small in size. Its moving parts and controls are kept to a minimum, which reduces downtime for repair. 


Two popular methods of water leak detection are now available in one control unit.  

Acoustic and tracer gas methods each have a role to play in the accurate location and pinpointing of leaks. Previously the water-leak specialist required two measurement devices to use these methods, but the RD547 does both in a single control unit.

The RD547 can be used to measure acoustic signals using a choice of multi-purpose or dedicated ground microphones. For fittings that are deep or difficult to access a test rod is available. To measure hydrogen tracer-gas concentrations, a gas detector with integrated hand-pump can be attached. 
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