MERLIN DX Transformer Rectifier Monitors (3G/2G)

MERLIN DX Transformer Rectifier Monitors are a range of small, compact Remote Monitoring Units (RMUs) offering different measurement specifications. These monitor’s are usually housed within the rectifier cabinet but may also be supplied in their own separate enclosure ready for mounting adjacent to the rectifier. They communicate using SMS (text) messaging over the 3G/2G network and can be supplied with either internal or external antenna, depending on the material of the rectifier enclosure.
Key Features
  • 3G/2G network compatible
  • Alarms and periodic reports sent to a central HQ using SMS communication
  • Fully independent monitoring channels (allow high-side or low-side shunt and accurate ON potential measurement)
  • Remote control of rectifier output from cell/mobile phone and/or software
  • Installation by cell/mobile phone
  • Easy to install
  • Remote configuration
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