Plastic Pipe Locators


Two popular methods of water leak detection are now available in one control unit.  

Acoustic and tracer gas methods each have a role to play in the accurate location and pinpointing of leaks. Previously the water-leak specialist required two measurement devices to use these methods, but the RD547 does both in a single control unit.

The RD547 can be used to measure acoustic signals using a choice of multi-purpose or dedicated ground microphones. For fittings that are deep or difficult to access a test rod is available. To measure hydrogen tracer-gas concentrations, a gas detector with integrated hand-pump can be attached. 
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The RD550 pulse wave generator is the ideal accessory for the RD547 or RD545 enabling the water-leak specialist to accurately trace underground water pipes at depths of up to 2 meters, (6.5 feet) and for distances of up to 600 meters, (650 yards).
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SeCorrPhon AC 06

Electro-acoustic water leak detection or correlation? Each method has both strengths and limitations. Cleverly combining all the advantages maximises the certainty of determining the exact location of the leak.

SEWERIN's SeCorrPhon AC 06 makes use of both methods at the same time.
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Stethophon 04

The Stethophon® 04 is a sound detector for recording and amplifying structure-borne oscillations of all kinds. The oscillation sensor provides undistorted sound reproduction even when the noise is barely audible.
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