Precision Cable Locators


New range of locators delivering optimized precision for the damage prevention industry.

Subsurface utility infrastructures are growing denser and more complex, driven by population growth and the trend towards urbanisation. RD8100, Radiodetection’s new range of precision locators has been designed to deliver optimum precision for these demanding conditions. Featuring a unique arrangement of five antennas with optional integrated GPS and usage logging, the RD8100 keeps users on the right line while enabling them to demonstrate safe working practices and validate quality of work.

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RD7100, our industry-specific locator range, is built on this pedigree for performance, quality and durability. Containing our most advanced locating technologies each model is optimized for the challenges of locating a particular utility. Integrated GPS and usage logging options automatically generate data for work reports, or in-house quality and safety audits, to promote best working practices.

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Offering a wide array of locate functions and advanced connectivity options, the multifunctional RD8000 range stands out as Radiodetection's most advanced pipe, cable and RF marker locators. Budget friendly, the RD8000 improves on speed, reliability and accuracy while delivering unique user features. The RD8000 is a highly controllable and reliable locate solution, powered by digital architecture, for any industry worldwide.

Radiodetection equipment, at the 2014 International Locate Rodeo, swept the board in Power and took second and third in Gas and first and third in Telecom. Using Radiodetection locators were 17 of the 25 top placed competitors.

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Due to ground distortion effects caused by differing types of soils, and proximity to other conductors make the job of locating specific pipes, cables and utility RF markers in large underground networks very difficult and time-consuming for the end user. This means that ease of use, accuracy and reliability is of utmost importance. Addressing these needs is the Radiodetection's RD7000+ with it's many features that offer accurate, reliable and repeatable performance. Denoted ‘M’ add RF marker locating to the range, the new RD7000+ marker locators – with automatic marker depth estimation and Bluetooth® connectivity as standard.
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