Flame Pack 400

The Southern Cross Model 400 Flame Pack is a hydrocarbon gas detector, which employs hydrogen flame ionization as the detection method. The Model 400 is designed to be hand carried as a single unit. It eliminates shoulder straps, harnesses, interconnecting tubes, cords and the like. It is lightweight and small in size. Its moving parts and controls are kept to
a minimum, which reduces downtime for repair. It can be taken anywhere a person can walk, crawl, or climb. In the search range, (50 ppm @ full scale), it is capable of detecting as low as one part per million (ppm) of hydrocarbons in air. A centering range, (5000 ppm @ full scale), is provided to assist in centering leaks. The meter indicates the presence of hydrocarbons. An alarm sounds at a preset point on the search
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